Campus/Student Visits to the OLC

                            Campus/Student Visits to the OLC Reservation Information


Reservations can be made online through Eduphoria. We encourage you to check with your campus leadership and discuss with your grade level teams on when it is the best day for you to come to the OLC. 


These are the priority grades the OLC is requesting to reserve an experience:

          • Elementary levels:  Kindergarten,1st, 4th and 5th grades
          • Secondary level:  7th and 8th grade sciences, APES and Environmental Systems

What does this mean?  It means the OLC will pay for bus transportation for each of these grade levels. For a one-day visit. No longer are we doing 2 – 3 day experiences. 

                                                                     Pre-Visit Procedures

Making a Reservation:

After you have thought about what impact you want to make with your students while at the OLC, you can begin the reservation process.

    1. Visit the OLC webpage to check out the Calendar for date availability. Choose a date at least three          weeks in advance.
    2. Submit the OLC Campus Reservation and Bus Form.
              • Must be logged into Eduphoria through your district account to access the reservation form.
                   *Select  "Form Space", "submit new form", "OLC", and then "OLC Campus Reservation and Bus Form"
              • Know how many students and teachers are attending.
              • Be aware of any special accommodations needed during the campus visit to the OLC. Please document this information on the form.
              • Please provide PO number for campus paid trips.
    3. Follow-up with Kelli Ragsdale,
              • Kelli will make all bus reservations and confirm with your listed contact they have been                                   reserved. Link to scheduled leave times for buses.
    4. Communicate with all teachers and campus leadership about the confirmed reservation. More                    information and planning will take place before your OLC experience.

Things to consider before your reservation:

         • How will the OLC experience impact my classes’ academic and personal growth?
         • What is your principal’s and team leader’s expectations for student engagement while at the OLC?
         • Will there be weather implications when I choose to schedule a reservation? Will be students be properly dressed, and prepared, for cold or hot weather?
        • What fits into my campus and class schedule?
        • How many students are coming?
        •What do I need as a teacher to help me prepare for engagement at the OLC?
        • What and how do I need to communicate to the parents about our OLC experience? 
    •If grade level is not a priority grade level, how will transportation be paid for?
•Will you choose Aramark choices for lunch, or bring your lunches?