Any Campus Reservations, Meetings and Banquets from March 19 - April 21 are canceled. This is as of March 17. Emails will be sent to the teacher on our reservation (and grade level teams) to let you know. When we know more, we will give information on potential reschedules this Spring.

Please check out the Resources page for ways you can get outside and extend learning outdoors. Email Amy ( or Allyson (  if you have questions.

OLC Room Reservations  for Professional Learning

 The Outdoor Learning Center is a spectacular facility with bountiful fresh air, scenic views and opportunities to interact in a natural environment. We invite the district to engage with and experience the OLC, just like our students. Please refer to the information below prior to reserving our facility.


Here are some details about the facility and how reservations work:



The OLC prioritizes student engagement. When a campus has booked a visit, reservations of Great Hall rooms will be limited to one room. The purpose is to ensure we have enough room for students if an alternative plan is needed for inclement weather.


Who Can Engage at the OLC?

We invite all district personnel to lead, learn and engage with the OLC! This can be a variety of district functions like:  departmental/campus meetings, PLCs, curriculum writing or professional learning. If the schedule allows, we are open for retreats and special events for NISD organizations.


January Reservations

Historically the weather this month limits our students visiting the OLC.  In response to this, we have reserved this month for curriculum and programming development, especially in preparation for intensive summer camps and PD.


July & August Reservations

Summer months are flexible for reservations because students will not be visiting.
(June is dedicated to summer camps).

Parking is Limited!

Parking is limited! We encourage carpooling from your home campus or the administration building. If your entire campus is coming, you will have to come by bus. (There are less than 15 parking spots.)

If a bus is needed, you can request that when reserving your day and room online.
The Great Hall

The Great Hall is the only closed, indoor facility at the OLC. It has a great view of the entire campus, along with a wrap-around porch. During the cooler months, enjoy the fireplace indoors, or on the porch. The Great Hall can be divided into at least four separate rooms. Each room has the following setup, similar to setup of the PDC rooms at the Administration Building:

 Great Hall Technology
Great Hall Layout


There are three pavilions located throughout the OLC. The Large Pavilion is just a short walk from the Great Hall. It is a covered, yet open facility. It also has large fans throughout and restrooms. The Creek pavilion has a scenic overlook of Denton Creek. The Wetland pavilion is located towards the lower portion of the OLC. Each pavilion has WiFi capability.

Pavillion Layout