OLC Facility Rental Information

Any Campus Reservations, Meetings and Banquets from March 19 - April 21 are canceled. This is as of March 17. Emails will be sent to the teacher on our reservation (and grade level teams) to let you know. When we know more, we will give information on potential reschedules this Spring.

Please check out the Resources page for ways you can get outside and extend learning outdoors. Email Amy (ahollenshead@nisdtx.org) or Allyson (allyson.luppy@nisdtx.org)  if you have questions.

                                            The OLC Great Hall
                                                      For Information regarding the rental of the
                                                                OLC facility, please contact
                                                                          Allyson Luppy

Rental of the facilities at the Outdoor Learning Center is available to all NISD campuses and school sponsored sports, clubs and/or organizations.  At this time, the OLC is not available for public, private or community rentals.


    *Facility Use Rental Application
    *NISD Facility Use Rental Guidelines
    *NISD OLC Brochure