Campus/Student Visits to the OLC

Any Campus Reservations, Meetings and Banquets from March 19 - April 21 are canceled. This is as of March 17. Emails will be sent to the teacher on our reservation (and grade level teams) to let you know. When we know more, we will give information on potential reschedules this Spring.

Please check out the Resources page for ways you can get outside and extend learning outdoors. Email Amy ( or Allyson (  if you have questions.

                                                              Reservation Information


We encourage you to partner with your campus leadership as well as your grade level team as to the best day for your OLC visit.  Campus visits can be scheduled Tuesday through Friday. The OLC does not schedule campus visits on Mondays.


We want all of our students to love the outdoor experience, and the district has deemed certain grade levels a priority over others based on the curriculum and learning needs of that age level. The following grade levels are considered a priority, so their reservation requests will be honored first:   

          • Elementary levels:  Kindergarten, 2nd, and 5th grades
          • Secondary level:  7th and 8th grade sciences, APES, and Environmental Systems

The OLC is happy to pay for bus transportation for all priority grade levels' one-day visits.  We no longer offer two to three day experiences.

Before Making Reservations

Prior to making your OLC reservation, please gather the following information:

  • Number of Students, Teachers, and Chaperones/Parents attending.
  • Are there any students who will need special accommodations during their visit to the OLC?
  • Number of buses (regular and/or special ed) needed for transport. Each regular bus will seat 55 people.
  • Who is paying for the buses? If you are a priority grade level, the OLC pays. Otherwise, buses are campus paid or coaches can volunteer to drive buses.

Making a Reservation

  • Visit the OLC Website Calendar for date availability. Choose a date at least four weeks in advance.
  • From the OLC website, choose the Reservations tab, then from the left-hand side of the page select “Campus/Student Visits to the OLC.”
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Click here for reservation form.”
  • Complete the Google Form entirely and submit the request.
  • We send an email to the email address used on the reservation form confirming that we received the request. This confirmation email is not a guarantee of approval.
  • Once the OLC staff has reviewed your reservation and approved the date, an approval email is sent to the same email address used for form receipt confirmation.
  • For questions regarding reservations, please contact the OLC Secretary, Allyson Luppy, at 817-698-1815 or

Things to consider before your visit to the OLC

What expectations do your principal and team leaders have regarding student engagement while at the OLC?
How will the OLC experience impact your students' academic and personal growth?
Could the weather/season you've chosen affect your visit to the OLC? Make sure all your students are properly dressed/outfitted for the expected temperatures.
What do I need as a teacher to help me prepare for engagement at the OLC?
What and how do I need to communicate to the parents about our OLC experience?
Will you choose Aramark for lunches or will you bring your own lunches?

Click here for reservation form.