For Students

At the OLC we believe that outdoor learning builds community and culture, elevates expectations and standards, strengthens connections between students, and develops positive associations around school and the outdoors. Below you will find the expectation of how to dress at the OLC.

Dress Code

These expectations are for both staff and students. The reason we have a strict dress code is to increase the safety of all our learners.

Long pants or jeans are required! Covering up to reduce chances of insect bites, contact with plants and sun burn is the best defense!

  • Long pants or jeans, which cover up the ankle, are required for all students
  • Old, closed-toe shoes (No sandals, flip flops or high-heeled shoes)
  • Long socks
  • Hat and/or sunscreen
  • Dress appropriately for the weather
  • Bug spray should be applied prior to going to the OLC
  • Raincoat or poncho (if rainy)

Students will get dirty with exploring and the nature of our trails. Please do not wear new clothes, white shoes or pants, or items hard to clean.

During transitions between seasons, please think about layers. Sometimes at the campus it is cold and by the time they arrive at the OLC (and are walking around), students will warm up. Students are responsible for keeping up with any hats, bags or jackets they choose to bring. 

Always stay within the school dress code.